Adjunct to Permaculture Neighborhood/Village— A Model

Denise Ward
6 min readMar 19, 2022

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House and barn

The house is being sold for $130,000 *** Other deals could be negotiated such as with the seller, paying back 10% per year for ten years which allows funds to be found annually in the order of $13,000. This amount is more possible and can be raised by donations for the first year, through family and friends or solicitations. After the first year, the permaculture park itself would pay back the agreement from goods that would be produced from its own works and sold on the capitalist market. This ensures its own self-sufficiency and is a part of the permaculture philosophy or working with all factors.

Negotiation is how everything will be handled in the new paradigm. Everything will depend on reason and sovereignty (not force and authority) Therefore our communication skills need to evolve as well. We need to become good communicators and uphold free speech to everyone at all times. It doesn’t mean we have to accept everyone or what they say, simply that we do not impede their free speech. We can argue, we can challenge we can spar or we can ignore but sovereigns grant to others whatever they grant to themselves. This is how free speech works. Free speech cannot be emphasized enough as to its importance. It is the greatest defense that the unarmed have, against armies, tyrannical agendas and psychopathy.

The Egalitarian Proposal System: Briefly, the Egalitarian Proposal System allows everyone to make proposals and to vote on proposals. There is no need to be “registered” and any person of any age is free to participate. A website would be dedicated to it. It will act like newspapers in the past, where you might wake up, have your coffee and check what proposals are going on in your city, or for your interests. You could get involved in discussions, vote on proposals you agree with or make proposals yourself. This only works in a fully free speech platform. No censorship of any kind would be tolerated. This will be a strong foundation for the new paradigm. Nothing would be removed but it may be transferred to another page if it was deemed by the electorate to be inappropriate. Data is information and information is the real wealth. We cannot grow without the information of past errors or successes. It literally wipes our history. We cannot have a pontificator who decides what data will be kept or removed. Nothing will be removed, it will simply be available on another page if it is deemed to be out-of-place. The Egalitarian Proposal System give you and everyone, equal voice to speak and make proposals for what you want. This is a benefit of personal responsibility. Life will be a lot better with it than having a bossy government deciding for us. A short video gives a summary of this new sociopolitical system and can be found at the link. In the description of the video, another link takes you to the details of this system.

Commit: The new paradigm requires that sovereigns recognize this important work of permaculture living. It means everyone is responsible for themselves, and everyone has equal voice, meaning everyone can speak what they wish. However this is not a “flash in the pan”, this is the foundation of a new culture of integrity, a world that regains freedoms we all deserve. We will learn ways of integrating these new skills into human interactions. Making a commitment and standing by it allows the new paradigm to anchor itself into society. It can only be made up of sovereigns who stand by their agreements. A commitment would be agreed to at the time of association. Everyone is always free to change their mind because change is part of life, however if one breaks an agreement, one has a duty to atone and a new agreement arranged that makes the injured party whole in whatever way is agreeable. This works under the principle of the Golden Rule — it is how we all would prefer to be treated if someone broke an agreement with us. Settlers can “sign up” for as long as they feel driven to give it, it doesn’t have to be permanent. They can sign up for a year and decide again when that time is up, or for 3 months, or whatever they wish to dedicate. This allows the Park to be run reliably so that others can depend on it being there. Society today tends to only commit to money-based agreements and let down those that they “donate” their time to. This is how money has a grip on us that we often don’t realize, putting it above everything and everyone else. Sovereigns are just as diligent in honoring their non-monetary agreements as they are with their monetary agreements.

All data must be publicly available. There must be no such thing as censorship. That doesn’t mean private conversations between individuals. It means information that is to do with the commons. All data can be recorded. As sovereigns we cannot stop anyone from doing anything. By restricting ourselves, we leave it open for tyrants to do it while the average person adheres to restrictions. This is the way it is in the current paradigm but we want to move out of this paradigm. Therefore we must behave differently. Living in the open and being able to record anything is actually our insurance against tyrants. Tyrants don’t like to be known and identified and thus have a harder time in an open society. The effect would be to drastically reduce the misbehavior of humans as nobody wants their misdeeds to be public knowledge. It would have the effect of making everyone behave better if they are aware that anything can be recorded.

Food-growing acres, ready to be cultivated. The forest in the background are part of the property — acres of untouched land with water tributaries running through it and a brook in front of it located across the road that flows all year round.

Individual sovereignty. It’s very different to the status we identify with today. You must know you have no sovereignty in this paradigm? What you say has no bearing on events. The Egalitarian Proposal System changes all that. You, just like every other person, has as much opportunity to make proposals that you want to see implemented, as any other person, children included. Yes, children can make proposals and vote on them. Individual sovereignty means we are free to speak as we wish and be in full authority over ourselves. Children will be taken care of by parents — the age of full autonomy for children will be decided upon by each Park using the Egalitarian Proposal System and of course, children will have as much voice in determining this as anyone else. Whether by making a proposal or whether by voting on the proposal made by someone else that they agree with, they are fully able to have as much say as adults — if they can meet the same criteria adults. Individual sovereignty to be truly practiced, means changing the way we relate to each other. We consciously accept full responsibility over our actions and our words; we learn to trust each other as the default, and mistrust when there is reason to. All will be done using our voice. A new society based wholly on reason. A society that abhors the idea of force. This will have the effect of making us a little self-conscious — we will want to learn this new way. As long as intentions are pure, there no longer will be any need to berate anyone for making mistakes. Mistakes are part of the learning and we need to “go easy” on ourselves when we make them. But if we keep repeating them then it’s only fair to deserve a bit of a “schlapping”.

All data must be publicly available.