Denise Ward
11 min readJan 12, 2023


Picture this -

instead of the banks issuing money — you issue it.

That means when you hire someone to help you with a project, or you wish to make an exchange with someone, you give them recognition of that transaction, because you value whatever you exchanged with them. I’ll say that again — you issue the money. The value is always decided by the two parties, no need for third parties such as banks or government. It’s just between you and another sovereign. Banks were only needed when they held gold or cash for people, but nobody needs that now. Sovereigns are grown up enough to be able to handle transactions with each other directly.

We need to be aware of the fact that the digital age changes everything. We no longer need banks because I can give you recognition of work you did for me simply by putting numbers into your account directly. Anybody can do that now. That’s what the bank does — it simply puts numbers into an account that shows up on a screen. Today there is no need for a middleman (ie: bank) or any other third party to get in the way of what we can negotiate on our own. This is the beauty of the digital age.

The existing central banking system was designed during a pre-digital age, prior to television, computers and even cars. It’s well past its use-by-date.

Cannacoin is a currency that utilizes the digital age while enabling us to reclaim our sovereignty. It equips sovereigns to issue the money ourselves. Cannacoin is a digital as well as a cash currency. The coins and notes will be made from hemp. We are procuring the makers of the coins and notes and in the meantime it will be digital. Later it will be both, and the digital amount can be redeemed for Cannacoin cash.

Cannacoin is simple and can be used as soon as next week, if we so decide. However like any currency, it needs widespread use to become a fully-functioning currency. That won’t happen overnight, and it will take pioneers to kick it off. A currency always starts off with the few and builds momentum (unless it is forced upon the people). But as we are reclaiming our freedom now, it is the people who will agree to the value. The value of money is that it is accepted by others. Value is a totally subjective thing. We are the first ones to use Cannacoin and thus we must aspire to using it as many times as we can. It can’t be used to pay utility bills (yet) but we can use it with friends and family or neighbors or small businesses in our local area. Money is only a symbol of value and has no intrinsic value in itself, except what we ascribe to it.

Remember — money is just a game.

Money born of debt has distorted our view of what money is meant to do. And sovereignty is a new thing, thus no framework exists for a truly sovereign money system. It has to be developed. It won’t happen unless we develop it ourselves. That means we can do it the way we envision. Since we’re in such a position, we can develop it in a way that comes close to our ideal. Snags can be ironed out as we experiment with its use.

Cannacoin is a free currency so we issue it as we desire. Perhaps you already do something for free for someone. Perhaps you volunteer your time for a project. You can simply explain it to those you help out or work for and ask them to simply record the transaction.

Many volunteer workers and altruistic helpers say they don’t do the work for the money. And of course that’s true, they work from their heart. But we need to understand the dynamics of this, that by their time not being recorded, it is treated as though it never happened, when it actually did.

It is a reality that what we don’t record, we don’t recognize. And what we don’t recognize, we don’t value. It sounds harsh but it is true. Think of volunteers who put their time into a project — their names are not listed in the history data of the project. Only the people who got paid are recognized. But volunteers should be recognized, it is good for society to recognize their work as equally valuable as paid work because it is effort, it is energy. Recording the data gives an accurate picture of the history of the project, of the actual time that was needed to achieve completion. Recording volunteer time also teaches us to value all effort not just the effort that is done by paid work — taking care of a loved one, bringing them soup and companionship, driving a colleague to work while their car is being serviced, snow plowing for a neighbor — these all go unrecognized by society, and thus undervalued, even though they may be valued by the recipient.

Our culture merely gives platitudes to voluntary work. For a new society to burgeon forth we need to encourage effort. And recording the effort shows it is recognized. We now have the tools to do this with technology we keep in our back pocket. Our ancestors would drool if they could have had what we have today!

Cannacoin operates totally transparently. Transactions are fully visible on the site. Also visible is the movement of money in the system. The flows of money in and out is reported in real-time on the home page. This gives users a constant balance statement to keep sovereigns informed every step of the way.

As we know everything is recorded on the internet. Some people have access to that data. But we don’t. And we don’t have access to their data. Is this fair? This leaves opportunity for psychopaths to conspire. When transactions are publicly visible, it has the effect of keeping psychopaths at bay because psychopaths shun the light. This may sound a little esoteric but it is a factor that we need to take into account. When money is readily available, as it will be in a freedom currency, it is used more as a measurement of energy rather than a bludgeon. It shows who put in effort, and gives us a clearer picture of the people we deal with daily. A system can be built on trust as much as this existing system is built on suspicion.

We have been trained to think that money has to be scarce for it to have value. But value is only a matter of perspective. For example, prior to the 2008 financial crash, a commercial building would sell for $60M dollars. Nothing was added to it — no renovations or revenue, yet one year later it was valued at $90M and sold for that amount. Another example, an old bicycle might be junk to one person but transportation to another.

We have been forced to think that a currency has to last hundreds of years. This is only a bias. We need to familiarize ourselves to the fact that a money system is totally arbitrary, nothing more than a game and totally made up just like Monopoly, Checkers or tic-tac-toe. Banking has been imposed on us since birth, we had no say in it, we grew up thinking they had to be part of life, however the digital age has brought new opportunity.

When we claim our sovereignty, and more and more people do the same, the masters will have no stranglehold on us. The internet is a tool we would be foolish to squander.

Cannacoin makes the sovereign the core of all activity. Every one of us is an issuer of the currency. This newfound power may take a while to get used to. We have been so conditioned to see money only in the way we were born into seeing it.

Get used to the idea that you can now issue money, revel in it. And the more people that you bring into it, the more people who take it up, the more momentum Cannacoin will achieve. And that means the more people you can exchange with. And that means — prosperity and abundance for all. Everything that is organic starts with the few. Big injections of money such as happens in the investment world, only sets us up for maintaing the master/slave system where we are beholden.

Decentralization could utilize 3D printers for manufacturing goods locally. Cannacoin can start close to home and recognize and value the work done by artisans, craftspeople and farmers. People will be able to work closer to home so that the fruits of our labor will be reaped locally. This decentralized model slashes the reckless wastage of resources that happens under globalism and will drive the Production and Distribution system to become locally-based.

This is important because there will be much less need for money when the P&D systems are local. The amount of work and energy saved will be massive and that’s when we can be in a more conducive position to talk about going to a moneyless system. This would please the Resource Based Economy people. However presently the RBE people are blocked from their dream because they equate all money systems with the existing ponzi scheme that is central banking.

Nonetheless we might convince these groups to experiment with Cannacoin as they will get nowhere without an alternative system, like they have gotten nowhere in 20 years. Humans are cyclical creatures and cycles is just another word for systems. Activists in the moneyless movement may try Cannacoin and this may take their movement to the next level, while also expanding the use of Cannacoin tremendously.

Cannacoin is everybody’s business because it is a currency that we create for ourselves.

The banking system has filled our minds with certain biases such as a currency has to be nation-wide. This has only been injected into our minds so they could control populations. A money system that allows no competitors is a money system of tyranny. When we build our own monetary system, we will see money in its proper perspective — as a measurement of energy or a statement of appreciation.

There is no need to go all-out to use Cannacoin. It is better if it starts small because it can stay “under the radar” longer that way. And as it spreads out like mycelium, and becomes more popular, people see others using it and they will want to use it too. Once it is widespread it will be hard to to knock it out.

If you decide to use Cannacoin, you can introduce it to others in a partial way for starters, for example, by offering buyers half-price at a yard sale when they sign up for a Cannacoin transaction. Once they try it, they can exchange with others that they know.

It is simply like recording our barters. It may seem a waste of time to sign up for the transaction, however this little effort is for the people’s own currency and a way to inch off the banker’s currency. It is a small effort for the rewards it can bring.

It’s everyone’s business to promote and use Cannacoin because it is a people’s system and sovereigns don’t wait for a savior. All work done for building this system will be credited in the Cannacoin system. Incentive to work is how it should be. Effort should be rewarded, there needs to be a difference between effort and no effort for progress to occur. Rewarding those who put in no effort only devalues the work of those who do put in effort.

A sovereignty-based currency equalizes the playing field. It makes power circular rather than vertical, because you are the core. An open and transparent system will keep people on their best behavior because people behave better when they’re recorded, it’s just reality. You know that you behave better when you’re being recorded, and that happens to all of us. Therefore psychopaths will have a much harder time.

Information is the real wealth and that is why as we go into a new paradigm, we need to be open with information ourselves. There is no such thing as privacy in the digital age, it is a thing of the past. Even those going off-grid rely on the internet at least for some things. The internet has changed the terrain and it could be for the better if we grasp the power that this brings.

Currently we are in need of a programmer to put an app together to activate the system and we are calling for those interested in this work. Anyone reading this who knows of someone, please be in touch. Their time will be recorded in Cannacoin and later can be redeemed for Cannacoin cash.

How to use Cannacoin

When you make a transaction with another party, you would use the Cannacoin app, and fill out the following:

  • Date
  • Name of Subscriber (ie: other party)
  • Subscriber #
  • Description (of service or goods)

The Transaction # is the identifying data. The account number is your seven-digit number.

Transaction # consists of:

Your phone number (minus the area code, or any unique 7-digit number) -(dash) Subscriber # -(dash) Number of transactions you have had with this subscriber.

Thus: 4480119–8824247–5

This number is generated in the system and is shown on the receipt when the transaction has been applied.

The Subscriber # consists of the person’s phone number (minus the area code. or any unique number with 7 digits)

Description of transaction. A message can be included if desired.


On your account, the Cannacoin you receive will be color-coded green. This helps keep track of things more easily.

The Cannacoin you give out will be color-coded red(ish).

A receipt is sent to both parties as soon as the transaction is accepted by the system. The receipt is color-coded pink.

Periodically, a Summary of transactions will be sent out. It is color-coded blue.

The designs of the coins and the notes are still in process and we invite anyone interested to submit their designs. We will present these designs in a poll so that the people decide. Here is a sample of an idea for the notes:


The digital age has made everything so easy for us. There is no need to remain stuck in a time that no longer exists, a time when banks dictated our abundance. A money system is only a game, and we need to play it so that everyone is raised. When we no longer scramble like rats for a living, our creative minds will have more space to work on loftier things.

Please feel free to ask any questions and pose any scenarios.


Sovereign: origin in Classical Latin. Sover means above, not controlled by anything exterior, or underneath anyone or on top of anyone. “Reign” in Classical Latin is “regnum”, comes from “rex” meaning king, regnum = rulership of some authority or force, or no rulership above the being itself is above externally imposed rulership, which literally means you are not a slave. So from etymology means not a “slave” of another.