No Masque

Denise Ward
13 min readDec 2, 2022


Free Breathers Unite!

What an absolute roller-coaster these times are, that we’re in right now. Just breathtaking. Going through that masking and jabbing debacle — whoosh, that was an extremely disturbing experience. I felt like I was in some kind of Stephen King novel. Still do.

However I want to thank everyone who didn’t wear a mask through that mad period. Thank you a thousand times. You are the true “entrepreneurs”, the true bravehearts.

Wasn’t it the entrepreneurs who haughtily touted themselves as “thinking outside of the box”? Well they were firmly in the box during that covid debacle. Where were all those business heroes when we needed them? All those “innovators”? And every time I looked, they were masked to the hilt, and even wore masks that matched their attire (Lawd spare me!).

Those of us who saw the plot squirmed in agony every day while we witnessed everyone around us losing their minds, covering their faces with those wretched cloths and trying to force it upon everyone that came within their vicinity. They didn’t know what the masks symbolized. They couldn’t see their part in the surveillance tactic. The tactic was to show the psychopaths (who concocted this drubbing), what ratio of people they had in their crooked little hands, the ratio that would defy reason and put on a mask. This was in preparation of more to come (ie: the checkpoints, the vaccines) Masks are not a barrier of protection but rather, a symbol of submission. Those who wore it showed the ratio of the masses who were willing to go along with the scheme, who were willing to be silenced and even become a baton-holder for the jackals that brought it on our heads. Those who wore masks through covid didn’t even check to see if masks actually worked like they thought, they didn’t comprehend that masks inhibit oxygen intake, the stuff that makes our organs function properly. The maskers didn’t realize that they were actually jeopardizing their health and worst — the health of their innocent children. They asked no questions apart from “where do I sign up?” and they bristled with contempt at every person who happened to have a brain and went natural-faced.

Many wore the masks to show they cared about not spreading disease but on the other hand, they would throw their masks on their car dashboards or on their kitchen counters or anywhere that was convenient, without a thought to disease. The masks were littered everywhere, and looked to me like thrown-away underwear with stranger’s cooties all over them. Ew. Did the maskers really believe the story line that this virus is so deadly and floats in the air and is sprayed out by mere breathing?

Not only did they overlook these questions — which were staring them right in the face the whole time — but they never even questioned if there was actually a pandemic at all. They never questioned the numbers of what makes a pandemic a pandemic, and not just a run-of-the-mill regular outbreak. They never questioned if covid even existed. They didn’t ask for any confirmation to any media reports. They believed everything the press said without not even a blink at media’s veracity. They didn’t ask to see any evidence of anything. They simply swallowed the entire fabrication wholesale. Every day the bombardment of the media chanting numbers — “12 deaths in Texas”, “8 deaths in Arizona”, “23 deaths in New York”, etc, etc. Not once did anyone seem to notice that these numbers are minuscule and mean absolutely nothing. They certainly come nowhere near the definition of a pandemic. A lot more die from diabetes, suicide, anemia. Yet some knuckleheads thought the numbers were enough to close down schools, businesses and bring whole countries to a halt.

Not only did the maskers overlook all that, but they totally ignored you if you tried to show them that viruses floating through the air is an idea that’s being challenged very vigorously right now. They don’t know about germ theory or terrain theory. Germs are only a theory, and no viruses have ever been viewed through a microscope or anything else, while active in the body, or that viruses only live within a host and that virology has been debunked already. Most people would want to hear about this, but whatever these maskers were anointed with has put them into a trance-like state opposing so much as a discussion on anything outside their beliefs.

Mathias Desmet is a Belgian clinical psychologist and professor in clinical psychology at Ghent University with a Doctorate of Philosophy and Psychological Sciences and a master’s in statistics. He speaks frequently about a condition called “mass psychosis”. His talks can be heard anywhere but maskers haven’t seemed to have heard of him or his work. His theory of mass psychosis is about the phenomenon of crowds believing in something en masse, and that bonds them to others of like-thinking, regardless of the veracity of that belief, or even if the belief is harmful to themselves (*1).

It’s a very strange syndrome that keeps mobs feeding atrocities, and making psychopaths giddy with delight. And the gullible, with self-righteous outrage, deride anyone who go against the prevailing belief or custom. They fail to see that going along with the custom actually harms them too. And they can be easily convinced to do diabolical harm to others, such as their own children.

Scold’s bridle

In the Middle Ages, men would muzzle their wives with a metal harness that would go over the head and lock so that when the woman spoke, spikes would pierce her tongue, thus keeping her silent as a doormouse. This kind of torture was perfectly “normal” in those times. Today the face diaper acts as a softer but still respectable symbol for the same purpose — to keep you under control, to make sure you remember your place. Notice the illuminati’s signal of silence — the index finger over the lips indicating “sshh”…

People who wear the mask “virtue signal” over everyone trying to show they are part of a tribe that has power over non-maskers. They are petty tyrants that help psychopaths force complicity in a game they know little about. Surely they know by now that there is no pandemic and nothing to catch. Yet many still wear the face diapers. In fact “catching” viruses is an idea that’s being debunked vigorously by doctors and scientists, but the reptilian press won’t tell you about that. The maskers simply don’t look for information outside of the orthodox channels, they are not interested in truth, they are interested in credentials. Maybe they are interested too, in having a bit of drama in their comfortable, predictable lives and feel some camaraderie that’s been missing for the last couple of decades. By siding with their gullible tribe, it gives them a renewed sense of cohesion, as macabre as it seems.

People who call themselves “entrepreneurs” were hiding behind the masks just as much as any ninny. Over the covid debacle, they showed that they are still very much in the box, along with 99.99% of the rest of the peeps. Entrepreneurs didn’t come forward to question or challenge covid, and the reason for that is simple — “entrepreneurs” are only interested in innovation when it comes to gaining monetary benefits. Money is an entrepreneur’s holy grail. Not innovation. Or “thinking outside of the box”.

Same with academics and scientists — they couldn’t tell that buildings don’t come down in symmetry from office fires and turn into dust in seconds. They swallowed the entire scam of 9/11 — that it was Muslims that did it.

So did I at first, until I found out that a third building had gone down that day in the very same fashion (in an obviously controlled demolition). That was Building 7. But that was only reported once, on British television and the even funnier thing was that it was reported 20 minutes prior to the building’s collapse. I’m still scratching my head over that one, how they actually showed the footage of the building going down, 20 minutes before it actually had gone down. Either they got the script wrong, or that report was made later and not 20 minutes before although that point can be checked. And afterwards, the report was taken off the air along with any other reports of Building 7 going down (*2).

Even though I fully believed that Muslims downed the Twin Towers, I smelled a rat as soon as, years later, I heard that a third building had gone down on 9/11. Why did the media say nothing about that building? How could they have missed reporting about another building in the WTC going down? It went down on the very same day as the Twin Towers. Once I discovered this very stark fact, that was the mark that opened my eyes to the kind of depravity we are all immersed in. That was deliberately hidden so as to manipulate the population’s perception.

Still to this day the media expects us to believe that tripe. And our friends and family don’t wish to talk about it. It’s too disturbing for them, the poor things. What about us? Think it doesn’t disturb us? What about us knowing this is going on and having to pretend it isn’t because it’s “too disturbing to talk about”? What about us who are seeing the advancement of totalitarianism through algorithms and technology and everyone being lured into a trap. The trap is transhumanism, and it is marching along at incredible speed. It is the wet dream of every eugenicist we hear of on television.

The people are obeying these monsters who pulled 9/11 off and covid, and who endanger my life and the lives of everyone I know. They check nothing out — they believe whatever that television or newspaper tells them. If the mask mandates came out again tomorrow, would you wear it? What if you couldn’t buy food at the supermarket without one? Would you succumb to the orders? You are under no obligation except that of pandering to the crowd.

Some of us, even under that extreme duress, didn’t succumb to pandering. Now we can see quite clearly there is no pandemic, there is no virus, there is no need to disinfect everything. I recall in the early part of the covid pantomime, the CDC came out with an advisory to have sex through a “glory hole” in your wall with your partner on the other side of it! That didn’t last long, as it probably went down like a lead balloon and may have given off the scent that covid was a scam. The controllers just can’t wait to send us all back to the oppression of the Middle Ages. Anyone who underestimates these psychopaths are a danger to themselves and everyone, including me.

Realizing that covid was a totally made up fiction, (or rather nightmare), one only gets a small glimpse of the depth of the treachery we are up against. Most of the population still believes what they hear on CNN or FOX News. They are woefully uninformed. They know absolutely nothing about what is going on — like during the lockdown, that the government had thousands of 5G towers installed throughout the country. Indeed these towers were installed in all countries at that time — while you were barricaded in your home breathing through a face mask.

Commercial news is akin to a soap opera playing in the foreground while vultures fleece you blind and place you in position on their chessboard, ready for the next assault. Ninety-five percent of the population are totally unaware that covid has not been identified.

The other five percent who do know, say nothing because they don’t want to “trigger” the poor dears who cannot face reality. Some say “we all evolve at our own pace”. That may be so but we are standing on the precipice of extermination, don’t you think we need to be moving at a tad faster pace?

We don’t know how long we have before some edict will come down by the dictators, and the number of hordes who will bow down again in deference to authority, to the madmen up top. These people could take us all to kingdom come yet many think we should treat them with patience, and let them take their time to finally come around before talking to them about it lest we upset their day. Are we supposed to bear the brunt of having this intel and pretend we don’t, only to keep the gullible in their happy, little, comfort zones?

“Normies” obviously believe the media, in total. They really think that the media would inform them of what is going on. Ask them something about say, geoengineering, and they have no clue what you’re talking about. Ask them about 5G, or the Hegelian Dialectic or the birth certificate strawman and they look at you blankly as though you must have something wrong with you. They fail to comprehend that the media is simply a mouthpiece for corporations and governments, or that media people will say anything they’re paid to say, or not say. Anybody with two neurons to rub together can tell that speaking the truth will be the last ethic the media would live up to. If there was a series called The Biggest Whore, the media would win hands down against politicians, judges, government workers and even against bankers. The media truly are the most whorish of all.

Does the population think that the media, governments and corporations would never “conspire”? Surely they are not that naive.

When information is censored, its victims become stupid. The lack of information makes people stupid. The stupids are the ones who hold credentials as being equivalent to intelligence. But then most people don’t think very much, period. They are deliberately kept busy on the hamster wheel — all by design. By thinking they know, (because — education) their hubris prevents them from even entertaining ideas outside of their biases or their indoctrination. They believe they can trust fully those who are “experts”, or have the “proper credentials”. Never do they suspect that the “experts” are simply saying what they’re paid to say. The fact that they get paid nullifies any truth the credentialed might tout because they have a vested interest in voicing that particular view.

Why does the press leave so much information out? Because knowledge is power and they don’t want us to have it. Data — that’s what they extort from us whichever way they can. They want our data, they want our DNA. They get us to give our data to them willingly, and unconsciously. This is because humans are still very unconscious of almost all that we do and in that state can be easily directed. Psychologists (who are often just as unconscious) estimate that we only use ten percent of our brain. And they say humans have 95% of our DNA sitting idle and unused, “junk DNA” they call it. As if nature would produce junk, like man does.

What happens once we become conscious? Many thrilling benefits! But one of the most favorable is not being gullible and thus being free of manipulation. Anyone who fell for the covid scam is truly a gullible being. That was like an IQ test. Being savvy is not passing tests that are scheduled and sat for and that get a nice grading at the end. No, the real IQ test is how easily you fall for scams in the real world, the happening world that you exist in, and how easily you can be manipulated. And there are many with glowing credentials that are as gullible to being scammed as the dumbest pleb.

The scammers are experts, there’s no doubt about that, but once you study their methods and clue into your own gut, you’ll be able to detect a scam pretty quickly, sometimes straight away, not always, but definitely quicker than if you go about unconsciously. Scammers can’t get away with fooling you when you know their tactics.

Wearing the mask was a huge message revealing how much bending you were prepared to do without question. It was not just a fashion statement but a statement about your aptitude and the level of coercion you easily buckle under to. It is symbolic of your willingness to be silenced and debilitated by your own doing (because it decreases oxygen intake, thus devitalizing your organ function). Silencing the masses is every fascist’s wet dream. And the people who fell for it (and the people who still do) are like walking neon signs, advertising themselves as The Biggest Losers.

They are showing the jackals how to make the next moves on the chessboard of life. If few people wore the masks, that would indicate they must change their plans. It would put a spanner in their scheme. Of course the jackals wouldn’t stop at just one time at it — they have all the resources at their beckoning and you can bet they’d be onto something else pretty quickly to bludgeon us with. But if they put out the mandates again and few people wear the masks this time, that would indicate the people have savvied up and not easily going to buy into their next fabrication.

You may have been against wearing the mask but felt compelled to wear it because of the pressure to conform and perhaps worried about how the people around you would react. Though it is good to care about others, to mandate caring is a very dangerous thing to inflict on others.

The people who do this are around us and are unwitting tyrant helpers. We need to be resolute in upholding and exercising our freedoms. People who insist on truth can be a model by showing the unconscious knuckleheads around them how to muster courage to defy any coercion. And even if you think you are an “ordinary” person, you can do it too even in the face of relentless pressure.

Freedom is not negotiable. It is not something conferred, or something to get blackmailed into, it is not something we need permission to receive. It’s not something that can be conferred by persons or writings no matter how ostensibly noble. Covid was an exercise in surveillance of the landscape, an exercise to find out the ratio of compliers and this can, and definitely will, be used against us. In the face of tyranny, asking questions is the foil to the agenda. The pandemic is not a virus, it could very well be the beginning of a cascading ripple that reinforces our freedom and makes us appreciate just how very precious it is.

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