Ok — this may be a bit of an exercise…

Denise Ward
11 min readOct 8, 2021


Do you know we are in a realm that is nothing like we have been led to believe?We have been hoodwinked royally and that is with a capital “winked”. The way they do it is almost imperceptible. But I’ve been experimenting with this for 8 years, using myself as the “guinea pig”.

It’s been quite an odyssey however now I can see it easily and in everything.

The first thing we need to do is get off their money. If that sounds urgent, you’ve got it..

It’s way beyond urgent.

When we exchange money, we are giving the signature of entropy to the other person. When we accept money, we are accepting entropy.

Now I’m no religious freak in fact I despise religion and (hold onto your belt)

I even despise god.

You know why? Because I know there is no god.

Just like there is no tooth fairy and no santa claus.

And there is no real money.

Money is a pure conjecture, just like the tooth fairy.

Humans love stories.

And that makes the most sense if we see that we are in a storybook.

Yes we are in a sort of a story book, and the stories have their own fractal nature.

Just like matter does.

Ok so I’m giving you here, knowledge that I have experimented with myself. For 8 years.

While you were probably balancing your checkbooks and shuffling numbers around in your heads, ad infinitum.

Oh well, sorry for you but I wasn’t doing that. You see I closed my bank accounts (all of them including credit unions) I stopped paying banksters. I assumed yes that they would take all my possessions.

which they dutifully did.

But to me that was worth it because I knew I had to fill my mind with other things. And that’s how I came to understand the exchange signature of money.

It’s a matter of degree though, because they have corralled us into a position where we need it for everything.

They’re doing it again now with the vaccine passports.

See how easily the undignified is accepted?

If we hung around long enough with these bozos they’d be charging us for air. I am only shmoking (half joking) but I would bet that’s what they’d do. They are charging us for water, and for keeping us like their hostages

with licenses, permits, mandates, and now lockdowns.

Do you realize despite the bad news, we have — at any given time — the ability to snap this Goliath into another direction?

Yes. Sounds amazing. We feel like helpless flunkeys when really, we are…(hold onto your belt again)

we are actually like gods.

We each of us have so much power just in our words. As I said I am not into god stuff or new agey stuff. But there is another level to humanity that has been totally ignored.

When people have detected this other level, it has been put down as “witchcraft” and scorned and derided. That is to mix us up and cause static in our vibratory signature.

These new awakenings (some call 5D) are being intricately associated with witchraft. This is what they do to make everything fit into a broad category. To confuse, so we will argue and thus cause static, which is food for them — vibratory food.

If you study language you can see how they do it.

Believe me, I have nothing to do with religion or witchcraft.

Witchcraft by the way is, again, simply a set of beliefs. There is nothing mystical about it. It’s mere superstition. As is covid and many other things people think are real (such as clock time)

If anything, it is psychological. And if one follows the timeline, one can see that it is all perfectly orchestrated and nothing left to chance.

The ruse is based on matter only and the material world — the world we can see. But underlying it is an understanding of human tendencies, the tendency to get along, especially.

(These types of energies don’t have access to the imaginal realm because they are too “dense” of vibration) To be able to access this “imaginal realm” quality of our existence, we need to be in alignment with its vibration.

How smart of nature!

Nature does this because it makes the most sense. We cannot be in the vibration of instant manifestation until we are in alignment with the vibration of nature. In this realm we are here to manifest this other “dimension” of ourselves with the matter we see all around us, including the human body.

We virtually came to earth to play a game.

There is more to this realm, there is matter that we are not yet able to see with our eyes. Imagine if you could feel something with your hands, feel its shape, but not be able to see it….

It’s probably something like that.

We don’t have the consciousness spectrum yet to access this other layer of human-ness. But I feel it is coming as we open our eyes to the deceptions that are coming out now. And now we are seeing them unfold exponentially, more people need to see that we have been

grotesquely duped.

Do not fear because fear is the vibration that this energy feeds on feeds on (this energy I’m trying to explain). We don’t have words for this new understanding but we can work with what we have. Our language is inadequate as we have been blind folded so much.

Let’s just call them The Bamboozlers.

Pretty soon it seems quite plausible that everything is going down. Ships are already waiting at port and farmers have been asked to burn their crops. We are being set up yet again, like they did to get our children into the schools so they could indoctrinate them, and the way they tied money to everything we need to live.

If you don’t like anything I say, then tell me, not just someone else. We need to learn how to be honest with each other, even if it comes out impolitely..

I like manners but having to hold in our truth is poisoning us.

Better for it to come out no matter how clumsily.

We are coming down to the bare bones now, most of our dependencies are being stripped away.

Soon we will stand naked before ourselves and each other and decide quickly who to trust and which path we will take.

If you take the path for life and abundance above all and know that we can trust that whatever-it-is in this new dimension that’s opening up, it we can trust that (maybe it’s the earth’s vibration) then we can make it because we are for life and not against it. We’ll have to start helping each other and sharing the extras we have with others who need it. We can help promote each other and others will help us with our projects.

We can share the extras we have with those who need it. Some people have things, some people have time, some people have labor, and some people have expertise. We can start practicing this new method everyday.

Life brings the situations we need to give us opportunities to align with harmonious signatures. So if you loused up don’t worry you’ll have many other opportunities to try it again and again. There are programs that can circumvent the current conditioning.

Opportunities are all around us. And right now is the biggest opportunity to make other options for living on earth, in this magnificent kaleidoscope of matter and things unseen. We can study it further with different eyes and grow exponentially and make up for the time spent in stagnation.

Our vibrational signature at every moment is generating our future. Each of us is doing this.

We will find that life, cannot always be scheduled. Sometimes you just have to live it by the seat of your pants. The illusion of life being able to be scheduled does work most of the time but sometimes it just doesn’t.

And schedules certainly can change at any time, and all it takes is simply our thought, our vibrational signature, to change anything.

You have a unique stamp on your signature, each of us does. And that stamp identifies our beingness in every other vibration we add to it. It’s like the rhythm section of a musical score. It plays in the background and signals to other receivers, your uniqueness as well as your state of mind. Our thoughts create the words we speak and drive the expressions and actions we take.

So thoughts are powerful. And that’s what they have essentially hijacked.

We have been “programmed”. But what we never understood or have been told, is that we can intercept that programming. Of course they left that part out and they left out a lot of other things too.

For one:

We are not a spinning ball through space and that is for sure. Think about it, if we were, the sun would look like a streak.

If they retort that the sun goes around with us, well that’s not what they told us about gases then. The atmosphere cannot stay put if there is no barrier between it and the void. Some law of physics says a gas gets sucked up by any void surrounding it and has to have a barrier to remain stable. Ok if this is not “true” we need to know why. Why isn’t NASA even allowing it into the discussions?

I am telling you this, and I hope it gives you pause.

We are essentially in a world war. But this time it is very different.

This is a war on us, to stop us from waking up to their trickery.

It is an information war.

They think they have a lot to lose but we must now go to a world where nobody has to lose anything and everyone has gains.

We’re not going anywhere, we’ll still be here, on glorious earth. We are the first generations that will pioneer the new earth.

It won’t be hip anymore to trash the earth.

It’s not hip now but everyone still does it unwittingly. For example, we are still sold meat in Styrofoam and nobody has said boo about it. Nobody is boycotting it. I have been for years.

You may think this is nothing but you just try it yourself. And if you do, you can change everything…Styrofoam will no longer be used for meat packaging, what’s the bet. If you stopped buying meat in Styrofoam.

And if you do boycott Styrofoam (or anything else) get someone else to as well. That change in you coupled with the “synapse” you made by bringing one other on, will cause velocity in the change rate and bring about our desires very quickly. This is how nature functions.

Try it and see. Yes it will cause you inconvenience and expense to be mindful of Styrofoam, but we need to be mindful of the vandalism that is perpetrated everyday and how we buy into it, in so many little ways and big.

The vandalism upon our environment (and upon each other, but that’s another story) is no longer passable. It is no longer passable that people buy such things and continue to debauch our environment without those of us who are doing the work, and standing on the sidelines, and say nothing.

The safest world we can build is one where every person — no matter what their status or ability -

has equality of voice. This is of the utmost importance.

And we must build the system that supports these values. If these values are too unreachable in your mind, then you can stay behind.

You’ll still have this dysfunctional and debauched system to remain in.

But other earthlings want to live in another way on this, our earth too, and we are simply claiming it now.

It’s a challenge, but one we take willingly, one that will strengthen our humanity and bring coherence to earth. Soon. If we decide.

If we simply did this — give everyone equal voice — the world would make sense and we would simply move about into places that suited us naturally. And that is how we are meant to live on this beautiful earth. Not by

“earning a living”.

How gross, how last centuries.

We already earned our living by the fact that we swam the distance to fertilize that one particular egg, conceived in our mother’s womb. That is where we won the prize of life. That was our Olympic game of life. We beat all the other sperm and we matched with one egg out of the lineup of many.

We do not need to “earn” life (we earn a good reputation)

We have been bamboozled up the watusi. But at any given moment we have the option to go another direction. We can wake up. Gnosis this:

Fear is the overlay.

Fear is the vibrational signature

And cortisol is the chemical signature.

Whatever this energy is, it lives within us and feeds off fear and cortisol.

Then it is projected onto the collective reality. You know, like a projector projects on a screen.

The reality we experience is dependent upon our heart vibrations. The collective vibrations (of each one of us) projects what we see in the collective reality.

It is not the government, it is not the WHO, it is not the UN. It is our offering them the power to determine our life.


and it’s a big but

one they are rather anxious about, bliss their little souls…


at any given moment we can reclaim that power.

Isn’t that mind blowing? At any given moment we can change the course of humanity wholesale! O man do they dread that. But it’s ok, we won’t be taking anything away from anyone, we’ll be doing the opposite. We’ll give ourselves the opportunity to agree to a system that we now choose, a system where everyone is equally valuable. That means I am as equally valuable as you. How could it be made any better!

You wouldn’t obey a mandate given by your neighbor would you? Or your uncle or even your dad. So making the mandates is not going prove guilt when accountability comes. What proves guilt is carrying out the mandates.

It is us the little people, the insignificant others, that are their little doers. And they know that the ones who actually do the deed, reap the karma. Not the ones giving the orders.

This is universal and baked-in to the realm we’re in.

We need to study this realm instead of think NASA told us the truth about earth and the cosmos.

Giving orders does not go against karma. Giving orders harms no one. It’s the ones who carry out orders that receive the karma and they are the ones responsible for damages.

So currently, the ones who give out orders get off scott free and the ones who are being obedient will reap what they sowed.

This is the nature of what we’re in.

Between black and white there are many shades of grey. However color can still be an option.

Whenever you feel fear and anxiety your body produces cortisol.

Cortisol is the chemical food they live on.

Fear is the vibrational food.

Please don’t be the food.

I welcome any comments, criticism or sarcasms.

I am on our side — everyone’s.

I am on the side of life, free speech, and humanity.

We can make this world be for everyone in a fair way if we simply

lived by the idea of every voice being equally valuable and making our systems support our highest ideals.

Every life is equally valuable.

All time is equally valuable.

Thank you for your time reading this.