Two Key Principles the Masters Know

Denise Ward
16 min readDec 12, 2022


And You Probably Don’t

Caveat — I speak through the “goddess”.

Though I find the idea of goddesses and gods banal, trivial and infantile, I use the term because presently there is no other term available. This language was only designed by men and thus doesn’t have the scope to cover all of human intelligence. Please note that the idea that humans hold some kind of extraordinariness compared to other species is anathema to my thinking yet paradoxically, it’s also quite obvious that we are extraordinary compared to other species.

Rather than the goddess, it would be more apt to say “I speak through the mother”. True that “goddess” would neurolinguistically attract more eyeballs and that is the reason I used it. This reference to mother is specifically mother nature. There is father nature too, however he willingly surrenders his ego to the purer intelligence.

See how easy it is to make up a story? And that’s what we have been force fed since the beginning of recorded time — stories. The story that makes more sense than the ones we were told, and makes my frequency sing is the story of coming from the mother, not some narcissistic man-god. The reality is that men tend to record history and also destroy herstory, and were the ones who decided what information was kept that our culture would be based on. Men have a tendency to push their way through, to aim for their goals. This tendency is inured into them whereas women tend to wait to be invited. But women now have been almost totally inured into the man’s system and have forgotten the feminine. Women let men dictate how we have our babies, what we wear, and how to behave. Women were forced to submit in previous times, however now, and for some decades, these impositions can be easily deflected by women simply by making a conscious choice instead of following the pattern. Men would listen if women spoke in definite terms rather than cave. Most women succumb to the prevailing system, thus subsuming her own innate nature.

Language cannot convey the concepts that come from the feminine because man cannot see these concepts, they are from the opposite perspective — the balancing perspective. The legacy of past male writings give very little attention to matters of nature, or frequency, yet in recent history, Tesla said that frequency is everything. Thus half of human intelligence has not been perceived. This is a loss for everyone and keeps us separated from nature, and from each other.

I am aware that you are probably dying to find out what the two things are that the masters know that they don’t tell us, which was my claim at the start, however it needs to be preceded by some concepts that you need to know. One is that we need to be conscious of the fact that everything we’ve been taught is lopsided and one-way. To balance the scales and advance as a species, and as autonomous individuals, we need to balance our perceptions. No longer can the idea of “an eye for an eye” be used as a strategy. That has been used for eons and it has been woefully ineffective and noxiously barbarian. Barbarism “works” sometimes but is there a better way to deal with problems? Do we really want to remain on the same timeline of barbarity? Or do we want to expand into fully conscious beings?

If we want to advance and get past our barbarism, this and only this should be the benchmark — language. The idea of using violence must be vigorously challenged as it endangers everyone if it is accepted. We can learn to use language instead to solve all our problems — all. It seems far-fetched to say that, but only because the patterns are so entrenched. Exceptions will occur (because they always do) but the main thrust of our thinking must be towards talking things out. No longer must we think in terms of eliminating anyone. Elimination may be the easy way but we need to look at causes rather than blame the individual. We need to make the terrain right. The individual must carry accountability also but with the intention of learning, not punishing. This is a whole new way of thinking and many will balk at it because it’s a new concept.

When we use language, no matter how vicious (assuming the worse that can be said), the only incapacitation that can come of it is an offended ego. Physical violence should make every heart shudder because it puts us under the law of the jungle giving those who are bigger or more violent the opening to beat you up. What we consent to for others, means we consent to for ourselves. And this results in a world where barbarians reign supreme. Therefore we need to change the terrain to a firm belief that language, never violence, is how we handle disputes. Such a sea change will redirect the trajectory of humanity.

I’ll explain the two principles by stating this first — we’re only just starting to understand the realm we’re in a bit more, and seeing the hefty part played by “programming”. We are programmed to think and do things from birth and as we age we repeat the programs and become habituated to the society we were reared in. Some posit that we are in a simulation, which again, is run on programs. We have to figure out what this realm is about before we can understand anything about ourselves. Regardless if earth is a ball spinning through space, or a simulation, or flat, or any other shape, we need to ask the question — what is human’s place in it all. What is my place in it all. I’ll let you ponder that while I now present to you the Two Key Principles that your masters know and you probably don’t. Here they are and they are fundamental to understand:

  1. The Abracadabra Principle — I create what I speak
  2. The Attention Principle — where attention goes energy grows.

They sound simple don’t they? The elegant yet subtle design of this realm, is a giveaway that matter is not “dumb”. That’s the picture science has portrayed. In fact science has totally left out consciousness and frequency. This has put us on the wrong path and disconnected us from reality and plugged us into illusion. The realm we’re in needs to be properly understood and to do that it requires talking and not just from “experts” because every person has a piece of the puzzle.

I posit that we are in what Stephen Harrod Buhner called “an imaginal realm”. A realm that is driven by imagination, where imagination is the realm’s source of fuel. Buhner wrote Plant Intelligence and the Imaginal Realm.

The earth is also self-contained thus all life feeds off other lives. Horrid as that may be, it is a way to keep us self-contained and that aligns with nature’s intention. Nature always makes sense. Humans are very different to all the other species and one thing all species has in common is bacteria. Bacteria is conscious. Bacteria is the “building block” of life.

Perhaps bacteria is what drives humans, unless humans make their own conscious decisions? Perhaps bacteria live within humans and direct us through our moods? Just like when our gut bacteria is imbalanced, we get moody or anxiety-ridden. Bacteria is smart —and it knows that humans direct the course of all species on earth, thus bacteria recognizes the extraordinariness of humans in the web of life. There are all sorts of bacteria however this bacteria I speak of has the purpose of decaying matter. Decay is useful and needed. This bacteria is the opposite of creation, which is also needed. All bacteria has to be balanced in the proper ratios to get the optimum for life. This particular bacteria destroys matter because that is its food. It destroys our health by infiltrating our mind, and goading us to be angry, hateful, selfish, destructive and this “decays” us, degrades us. Our decay means it is being well-fed. The tranquil, self-directed and conscious mind is inhospitable terrain for this bacteria. The tranquil, self-directed and conscious mind is the terrain for the bacteria that produces synergy and invention.

So simple and elegant. That’s nature.

The male mind without the balance of the female mind, complicates things. It tends to be blind to simplicity. It doesn’t utilize the intelligence of the other half of humanity and therefore misses the mark. The feminine side of humanity could possibly be the most creative segment. Pushiness, force, denying another’s sovereignty, this all equates to supremacy — one side prioritized over another. Even though domination seems tougher, it’s really not, it’s really an admission of its own deficiency of creative power.

We need to keep in mind the whole time, that we do not possess the ability to speak in concepts that come from the feminine side because the language never included women in its making. Therefore an entire field of vision and clarity is not available to us. And thus why the simplest things are made so complicated. Nature is complex but it is also simple, and uncomplicated. It is elegant and always makes sense. Nonetheless, feel free to challenge or counter anything I say. I welcome discussion/debate/interaction and the opportunity to hone these skills in myself so that sovereignty-based conversation may take us out of these dark ages we are still immersed in. Many of these concepts may ruffle your feathers, I expect, but I make no apology. To go beyond barbarism, we need to make language and narrative the only form of persuasion.

One big factor that the masculine cannot see without the feminine perspective is that nature consists of frequency, and matter comes from frequency. Matter is a subset of consciousness, not the other way around, not the way that we were taught. Consciousness comes first — imagination is prime (we are in an imaginal realm) and from consciousness comes matter. Some say god created everything but nothing in nature creates alone. That is obvious if we look at nature. Our beliefs as individuals, tangibly project the level of our consciousness into the collective— we are capable of creating abundance as easily as we can create deficiency. It depends on balancing the male and the female perspectives. The genders are the elemental signatures of biology, much like hydrogen, or mercury are elemental signatures of earth. Since science completely excludes consciousness and frequency, everything built upon science is therefore invalid.

The two Key Principles mentioned above, have been used against humanity causing us to descend into the current malaise, because humanity has not understood what was going on. Unlike their masters. The masters construe language and narratives to unwittingly cause humans to speak into creation their controller’s own wily agendas. The masters have colonized almost all the media, advertising, education, science and religion. And we repeat what we see and hear. So the master’s messages constantly have the advantage, thus permeating our minds in their constructs. Being conscious of the Two Key Principles will equip us to match their knowledge. We’ll be able to play the game on a more level playing field. We’ll have almost a similar advantage as they do. When we get used to these principles and apply them for our own conscious desires, it will be “game, set and match” in our favor.

These are simple principles and if we activate them, they work. They worked for our masters and they work for us. Time determines how soon our creations come about and as we get more proficient, what we speak will come around faster because we’ll believe it more when we practice it. It’s not just theory we have to do the practical part as well. First and foremost we need to understand the kind of realm we are in. And that is an exploration that each of us must take on for ourselves. It’s not for anyone to say what it is for you or for me. Nobody really knows anyway. Each of us are on our own personal journey and each of us are the drivers of our vehicle.

How we view this realm will determine our actions. If one believes in a god they will wait for a god. If one believes in sovereignty they will get to work themselves. If one is not sure, they will flounder. It’s natural to go through these phases and chop and change. Everything in this realm is always changing. Time provides the unique coordinates so nothing recurs in exactly the same way, even if “history repeats itself”. These are basic understandings of our environment yet who learns this in schools? On second thoughts, why do we have schools, since learning is intrinsic and life-long?

We speak into existence the agendas that we hear on television, and that we read in the news, and that we are messaged with all around us, and that our society reiterates constantly. The message of decay is broadcast far and wide and thus it has “overgrown” and now needs rebalancing. The subjects of conversation that people speak in their circles, are almost always in accordance with what the media covers. The subjects that the media doesn’t cover are taboo in our everyday conversations. It’s a strange phenomenon and we need to be aware of this. Truth tellers often speak about how bad things are, about the latest wave of corruption, and thus it keeps being spoken into perpetuity. Rarely do truth tellers speak of solutions. Notice the ratio of creative and optimistic outlooks, to the ratio of destructive and negative outlooks. If there is more positive to negative, then that creates synergistic energy, regenerative and abundant energy — surplus. If there is more negative than positive outlooks being spoken then that creates despair, hopelessness and violence. We must speak what we want into existence and perpetuity, we need to be aware of our narratives. The energies of synergy do not invade like the energies of decay. The synergistic energies need to be invited consciously. We could call the decaying energies “entropic” because they are of decay, despair, entropy, death. And the regenerative energies could be called “syntropic” as they are of syntropy or synergy — abundance.

As if it’s not enough for the language itself to be construed towards degradation, the messages of entropy are constantly blasted into our consciousness from every quarter. Our society favors the messengers of entropy because it is easier to simply “succumb” to them rather than produce a creative course ourselves due to the terrain we are currently in. The vehicle that entropy uses to make its way deep into our consciousness is usury — the language of debt, deficiency, insufficiency, despair, depression, unfulfillment.

People have learned to contort themselves to this entropic frequency and have become accustomed to it. The language is construed towards entropy in many ways but here are two simple words that could turn things around dramatically, quickly and easily, if we become aware of their frequency — the words “don’t” and “can’t”. Be vigilant when using these words, they are limiting and downgrading. Catch yourself when you use them, then pause for a moment and think of a way to rephrase your message. Say the same thing but use an alternative phrase that describes what you want, not what you don’t want. The “universe” only recognizes the verb, it does not recognize the word “not”. This is an interesting exercise because it rewires our perspective. It is sometimes difficult to do. thus showing how easily our language causes us to unwittingly speak in negatives and therefore bring about results that are impairing and degenerative.

The second Key Principle regards attention. Attention is the current, it directs where the flow of electricity goes. Everyone wants attention — right? You want it, I want it, the entropic energies want it. Where we put our attention influences us on all levels. Currently we are not cognizant of this process. People are speaking horrid things into perpetuity all day long, disregarding the splendid things, and concentrating mostly on sickness, getting healthy (which indicates fear of sickness), despair and dystopia. Precious little time, if any, is spent talking about the glorious opportunity that has opened up for us who are alive at this time.

Each one of us is on the cast of characters that exist at this time and so have the ability to take our species into a whole new mindscape on earth. We are the cast that could spawn a new civilization that future generations would be proud of, a future of true freedom, not just illusory freedom. We know the master’s scheme is to change civilization into human-powered bots. And now we have the keys to intercept that story with a story of our own, a story that we design ourselves. It doesn’t have to be one story — we all don’t have to be herded like cattle into one story. We think everyone has to do things one way because television, media and education, has herded our minds like flocks of sheep — celebrating the same “holidays”, obeying the same rules, believing the same lies. The masking ritual that was recently mandated showed us how easily people succumb to the master’s dictates simply because they heard it on television, or that their “education” told them so.

Our teaching has all been back-to-front and sequenced the wrong way. The reason for this is the imbalance in masculine/feminine thinking. The imbalance comes from the lack of using both hemispheres of the mind. An oversupply of the masculine reaps dastardly results which do not occur with an oversupply of the feminine. However, being an imaginal realm, what is the best we could want? Once we know what we want, we can speak it into existence. We have all the resources at our fingertips today with the internet. We are capable of building a structure that supports a society where everyone has equal say. What do you wish to see in the future? We can be laying the foundations of that future today.

This is hard to picture because we think we are egalitarian already. Being immersed in the society we are in today causes us to be blind to patriarchy. But now it is imperative that we restore balance for the sake of everyone on earth. It’s up to both men and women, boys and girls, to make this subject a priority, as it is crucial for redirecting the trajectory of woe we are on.

There is so much to be excited about — for one — we’re in an imaginal realm! We’re in a storybook! And I am the writer of my story, you the writer of yours! My journey is my creation, your journey is yours!

What could be a better story? Here we are — literally on an epic passage that will reverberate throughout history. It’s hard to believe so much is on our hands at this time. Yet this is probably what we came here for — to redirect barbaric society into an enlightened one, to rebalance nature and to discover that humans are the creators and the drivers of their unique journey as individuals. And when we get into balance, we will invigorate our ingenuity, which will invigorate our intellect and abilities.

What we speak creates our reality. How easily people were fooled (including myself) into believing that buildings falling symmetrically into dust could be attributed to “office fires”; to believe a disease which was touted to infect the world turned out to not even have been isolated. This level of ignorance, this deficiency of imagination and curiosity, this level of blind trust, endangers everyone.

The odds may look against us right now but we know that it only takes a small number to spawn a new direction.

Humans are prone to listen more to fantasies than to reality, which is where fantasies happen to come from. Reality is a phenomenon we are yet to rediscover as we unveil the lies that have overlaid our perception for eons. Each of us is a powerhouse but we’ve been indoctrinated to believe outsiders rather than our own inner voice. The debauchery is conducted by the frequency of decay. However we can relearn to trust our inner voice.

You are the authority of yourself and nobody else. That’s really good news! I know it will take some time to come to terms with this news but it’s very easy to, once we imagine it to be so, and start rearranging our thoughts. Interaction is the opposite to ignorance and talking is the counter to secrecy and to lies. Liars don’t want to talk, they want to avoid. They want to run in the opposite direction rather than face challenge. The truth can withstand scrutiny. Lies cannot.

Sycophants are another group which consist of the largest ratio in society. They ignorantly perpetrate the agenda of their masters because they have forgotten how to use their imagination. They have been inveigled by the lies. Even with these odds, we can still change course because the truth is infinitely more powerful than lies. The characteristics of psychopathic behavior are greed, deficiency, depression, supremacy — characteristics of a barbaric and primitive culture. We need to look at the reasons the results are the way they are, with children wanting to suicide at younger ages and in greater numbers. This is untenable yet we don’t talk about it. Instead the talk is of politicians or celebrities and their antics, which only maintains the same master system.

The two Key Principles generate our reality, either in our favor or against it. They are immutable. To know and be acutely aware of these principles means we are capable of changing everything. We now have the keys that only the masters had. Now we are equipped with the most powerful tools in the universe. Be conscious of these principles as we journey towards the new frontiers where everything gets turned back around the right way, as we unfurl together a new golden age.

“I create what I speak”


“Where attention goes energy grows”.

I wish to hear your thoughts on anything I have laid here.